It had been quite a long while since I had last been in Disney and I was really excited to go back to the cheeriest place on earth, I could tell Shay was enjoying himself quite a bit too, except for some reason he wasn’t admitting to it. We had gotten to the park early so we would have plenty of time to wonder on Kai’s amazement at things, at least that was my plan, Shay got pretty upset at me for waking him up so early, then got even more upset cause I just started to bark at him, nothing new there.

"Can I carry my son, please?" Shay sighed at me, I hadn’t let go of Kai since we crossed the gates to the park, "Nope, he likes me better." I teased him with a slight smirk, "Yeah Kelly we all like you better, got it." He rolled his eyes playfully at me and shook his head lightly, "It’s the hair." I nodded as we continued to walk around, and tease back and forth, throwing the occasional I hate you at one another.

The day was off to a pretty great start; just me, Shay and the bug, and I quite liked it. “You do realize you left your camera in the hotel don’t you?” Shayley suddenly said, I gasped, I actually hadn’t noticed that, damn, “Shayley!” I basically growled at him, “What did I fuckin’ do now?” He responded defensively, rather surprised at my outburst, “Why didn’t you take it, or tell me ‘hey Kelly you’re leaving your camera you dumbass’ or something!? I’m, ugh.” I stomped, Shayley sighed at me, “Are you really gonna fight me right now, doll? I just remembered okay, I mean, why wouldn’t I tell you you were leaving your camera that doesn’t make sense..” He shrugged, taking Kai from my arms as the blond haired baby reached out for him in that gesture babies make when they want you to carry them, “I hate you, Shay.” I frowned, “I know.” He gave in that once to my surprise, then he begun to walk again, leaving me standing there alone for a few seconds before I took in the fact that he was actually walking away and started to follow, “Hey don’t call me doll!” I whined, to which he just laughed softly. Yes, for Shay and I that was a pretty darn good start.

We had our moments in which we actually talked like normal people too, though, as crazy as it seems. We would just point something out about a particular ride, or I would bring up how cute Kai was every now and then, those kind of this that didn’t make people stare at us like we were some kind of freak-show (we were though, we are).

By the time we had done pretty much half of the rides, I was pretty beat up, but Shay wasn’t, perks of being a (not so) single dad, I guess, “So, do you think you’ll still be as tired tonight?” Shay said casually, I was distracted by something else though so I didn’t get what he meant at first, “Probably even more.” I said honestly with a nod. “But like, really really tired?” He kept pushing, I then adverted my attention towards him, “Yes, like really rea- oh, oohhhhh.” I cut myself off as I understood, “Listen you little shit, the only way we’re sharing a bed in this trip will be if Kai is sound asleep between us.” I said firmly, though I was clearly just teasing, “Damnit Kelly, why you always gotta take all the fun away from things.” He sighed, “What!? I don’t!” I scowled a bit, “Whatever you say, doll.” Shayley said in an overly obnoxious tone that I was sure he was just using to bother me with, “God damn it Shay, I hate you.” I sighed, “No you don’t, don’t lie.” He looked at me and for a moment, I had to look away. I would have said I didn’t know why it was, except I knew it very well; Shayley had given me actual butterflies by just looking at me. “You okay there?” He raised an eyebrow at me, “Yeah your face just makes me sick because the hate is too strong, bye.” I said quickly, “Riight, okay, weirdo.” Shay let it go, having him know I was actually fangirling inside would have made him three times as obnoxious..

After that instant of, let’s call it spark, the whole day was a lot different for me, because I couldn’t help but pointing out for myself how cute Shay looked being all silly, or how much he actually made me smile, and all those things that I wouldn’t admit to him even when it was two in the morning and our demons were keeping us awake. We were sitting down on a bench, I was pretty absentminded, and he wasn’t obvious to that, “Penny for your thoughts?” He spoke softly, “Did I do something wrong, Kelly cause I mean you’ve been acting weird and if I did anything to upset you I didn’t mean it and I’m sorry..” He begun to speak up but I stopped him by shaking my head, “No, it’s not that. I’m just.. Really happy we came here, I had an amazing time today and I’m really looking forward to whatever we’re doing tomorrow.” His face lit up slightly as those words left my mouth, “Really?” He licked at his lips as he did ever so often, “Yes, really.” I gave him a smile, and just then, it got too serious for him, “Well obviously you did have an amazing time cause I mean, I’m here.” He said cockily, always hiding his real feeling behind those jokes, ah Shay, “It wasn’t you, it was Kai. You’re tacky and I hate you.” I decided to just go with it instead of trying to push him to be cheesy like I was previously being, “No that’s you, and plus you don’t even hate me,” He said looking at me, “Don’t lie.” I looked back at him, “I don’t lie Shay, how many times do I have to say I am a nun.” I sighed faking annoyance, “Haha, that nun thing is still the funniest thing you’ve ever said.” I gave him yet another sigh, a long one this time, “it’s not a joke though it’s one hundred percent tr-” I was unable to finish my sentence because next thing I knew, Shay’s lips were pressed upon mine. I really do hate him.